The Clipper Paris

A new yacht for your receptions in Paris

Surprise your guests on board the Clipper Paris and allow them to enjoy an exceptional moment on the Seine.
This exceptional, ‘super-yacht’ was modelled after classical yachts and offers an entirely new and original concept to host discerning guests in Paris.
Aside from the sleek and elegant lines of the ship, the most appealing sight is the interior lounge décor: contemporary sofas, armchairs and coffee tables, which add to the warm and sophisticated atmosphere.

Within this luxurious and cosy ambiance, your guests are able to freely move about the lounge and mingle.

A unique bar, shaped liked the bow of a ship, is the perfect meeting place for guests and you can dance all around until the middle of the night.

An original concept for hosting your parties

With 200m2 cabin space and the magnificent 170m2 upper deck, the Clipper Paris can accommodate 180 guests very comfortably. However, you may plan for smaller parties (from 30 people). The yacht is also available for lunch, dinner, or even a full-day tour.

Two possible cruises: one from the port de Grenelle to the Louvre (1:30), the other from the port de Grenelle to the library François Mitterrand (2:30).

Birthdays, weddings, corporate events, dinner dance, breakfast…., the Clipper Paris’ staff knows how to take care of guests and help you plan your event.

Our caterers* propose cocktail-dinners from selected menus in order to ensure impeccable quality in accordance with your party theme. The chefs serve the hors d’oeuvres on a wheeled cart. Thanks to this attractive option, guests are free to move about the cabin lounge or up on deck as they please.

Docked at the ‘Port de Grenelle’ (15th), a stones-throw from the Eiffel Tower, the Clipper Paris benefits from a first-class home port “Paris Yacht Marina”, complete with private parking on the marina front.

* our caterer: Saint Clair.