On board cuisine

The cuisine on board the Clipper Paris

On board the Clipper Paris, we have imagined a new way to host events while cruising on the Seine. Only a totally new catering concept would allow for festive parties in the lounge, on board the yacht. So we challenged our three caterers to prepare imaginative cuisine, not only in presentation but also in the composition and the way in which to serve distinguished guests.

We offer a selection of cocktail-dinner menus, with delicate and savoury hors d’oeuvres prepared by the Chefs* who are assisted by the Maître d’hôtel who floats through the cabin with a wheeled cart approaching each guest. This concept allows the guests freedom of movement and constant service wherever they are on board.

*our caterer: Saint Clair.
Gourmet menus : 90€ before-tax/person (VAT 5,5%) – 94,95€ - plus delivery.
On a basis of 100 guests, your reception would be approximately 150€/person (158,25€ total), delivery included.

Gourmet menus on board the Clipper



Menus provided for reference only