In your company, you probably organise a workshop several times a year, inviting well-known experts to take part. They will give presentations during your conference and your delegates then participate in workshops to share particular ideas and views.

You probably normally organise your workshop within your company premises but maybe this environment isn't very condicive to interaction. So, you're looking for a unique venue in Paris to host your next workshop and why not hire L’Atelier du France from Paris Yacht Marina ?

L’Atelier du France : hold your Paris workshop in a contemporary and sophisticated setting

We've just the unique private venue for your next workshop in Paris when you hire the Atelier du France from Paris Yacht Marina. This modern venue is fully equipped and you'll find us in the 15th district of Paris on the banks of the Seine, at Grenelle harbour.

There's a total of 250 m2 where you can organise your conference. This space is completely flexible so you can partition off sections for private discussions. For example, you can use the 45 m2 mezzanine floor for your workshops or use our private meeting room. The main venue is an open-plan 210 m2 space where you can hold a conference or allow delegates to mingle over cocktails.

Full of character and in the centre of Paris, L’Atelier du France can accommodate up to 110 people for a workshop. Its generous space, designer decor, and large picture windows overlooking the Seine will really impress your delegates.

There's also private on-site parking with 70 spaces.

Book a workshop at l’Atelier du France and enjoy a cocktail cruise on the Paris Clipper

L’Atelier du France, located on the quayside by the Seine, is in the heart of the Paris Marina with its impressive boats. Opposite the venue, you'll find the Paris Clipper, a luxury 54-meter yacht for up to 180 people on a cocktail cruise.

If you want to make your workshop really special, we can highly recommend combining your working day at l’Atelier du France with a cocktail cruise on the Paris Clipper. So, after a full day at the Atelier du France, you colleagues can get together on our beautiful yacht. This is anchored in Grenelle harbour for your guests to come and go aboard but you can also take it for a cruise along the Seine.

We're often asked for a package that includes a working day at l’Atelier du France with lunch on board the Paris Clipper, moored in the harbour. This gives you a change of scene, high-quality service, and a cosy atmosphere. Your guests will love this positive environment, which is like an energy bubble floating on the water !

Top of the range services for your Paris workshop

If you decide to let Paris Yacht Marina host your workshop, rest assured we'll provide the highest level of service. You're welcome to get in touch our team to make the detailed arrangements for your booking. This will ensure your day goes according to plan.

Here's an example schedule for your workshop:

  • 9.00am - 10.00am: Delegates enjoy breakfast and meet one another in the Atelier du France.
  • 10.00am - 12.30pm: Your conference takes place in the Atelier du France.
  • 12.30pm - 14.30pm: Delegates enjoy a quality buffet lunch in the Atelier du France.
  • 2.30pm - 5.30pm: Individual workshops and discussions take place in the Atelier du France.
  • 5.30pm - 8.00pm: Enjoy a cocktail cruise along the Seine on the Paris Clipper yacht before the conference ends.

As you can see, this is just a sample schedule, which you can customise to suit your individual needs.

We provide high-tech digital equipment during the conference for the optimum working conditions during the day.